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Banana Bread Beer 바나나빵맥주

Today I try a British beer that is banana bread flavored (바나나빵맛)


Korean food in Canada 

Moving back to Canada has been an experience and has one set back the lack of available Korean food at my local market, lol. However within an hour drive I can get many Korean foods and within a two hour drive I can get almost every food from Korea. The kicker is though to get fresh Korean food I have to go to Vancouver or Toronto. But generally Korean snacks and ramen are easy to find in Canada.

Cherry Blossom Cola?!?!

Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom now in south korea and what better way to celebrate than a nice refreshing cherry blossom cola! 🙂



Egyptian Beer: Sakara Gold


Korean Coffee and Cake Review (Twosome Place)

The coffee is a cafe latte steamed with dairy milk. The two cakes are oreo ice box cake and tiramisu


Eichbaum Winter Bier

Eichbaum Winter Bier is a festive beer only sold during the winter in a limited amount of markets. My full review of the beer is below:



Woodchuck Hopsation apple cider

hello guys and gals today my video/blog is on woodchucks hopsation hard apple cider. It’s a crisp smooth flavored cider with the taste of hops, apple, and alcohol.


Korean Dolce Coffee Milk

This milk is delicious. It contains smooth condensed milk, dark brown sugar and a dark roast coffee blend. It is the best coffee milk I’ve had so far in Korea. Hope you enjoy..