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YouTube is my Hobby 

Checkacola YouTube account
Well well well here it is the long awaited truth about my YouTube channel lol! Maybe 5-10 people will read this but hey my family still loves me :).

So I started YouTubing well over 10 years ago now and no money was involved just star ratings and subscriptions. My original channel is still out there but I lost my password and account over the years.

My current YouTube account checkacola is about 6 years old and counting. My goal was to upload a video at least once a week which at the time seemed easy but plagued with university, family and jobs didn’t pan out. So my channel died for awhile.

In the last year or so I picked up the pieces and started uploading videos regularly 1-7 times a week yes I actually met my original goal!! 🙂

The reason why I YouTube is because it’s fun for me and I can review products from South Korea (where I live) and keep memories of my travels. There is a money aspect to the channel now but definitely it has nothing to do with my love of YouTube. My channel is a hobby channel and I 100% love filming and trying new things with my family and friends. 

So, even with recent advertisement pullings and hate towards the platform I still upload and love spreading my views and things with the world. If YouTube stops paying it will be like the old days and guess what old habits die hard. YouTube is my hobby and my videos ain’t going nowhere. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day 🙂