Month: April 2016

McGargles pale ale and Lager

My review of McGargles pale ale and Lager. These beers are 4.5 percent alcohol and brewed in Ireland. I am more of a Lager person but I reviewed both the Lager and the pale ale. Both have a fruity flavour but the pale ale has an overpowering citrus and hop flavour. Hope you enjoy this video. Please give back feedback and like and subscribe if you like my video. Have a good day.


Korean POOP BREAD!!! 동빵!!


Dong bang or poop bread is a pastry that includes custard. The bread is shaped like a poop emoji. There are numerous flavours but I chose to eat the vanilla one in my video. The chocolate flavoured bread was rich and tasted like chocolate pudding. In insadong there is a 똥빵 vendor that sells the same street snack but which literally translates to poop bread.

Both types are delicious and are a must if you visit Korea.

Korean spicy ramen and tteokbokki

Koreans love spicy food tteokbokki consists of cylindrical rice cakes steamed and drenched in hot Korean spicy sauce. Fish cakes, eggs, cheese, and vegetables can be added to the mixture too. It is often eaten as a snack in both the winter and summer. Tteokbokki can be added to ramen to make tteokbokki meon.

Tteokbokki ranges from super spicy to even sweet. It is a very good Korean food and should be tried if you are ever in South Korea.