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Northern Pike (Jack Fish) fry and fillet

Cooking and filleting some northern pike. This fish has whitish-yellowish fillets and tastes similar to eel. 

Indoor Fishing Cafe (South Korea)

Indoor Fishing Cafe (South Korea)

If your from a rural area and love fishing like me then I’ve got a place for you.

Korea is a technology country with high speed internet and state of the art electronics. In the big bustling city streets you may be surprised to find out that a fishing hole might be closer than you think.

Korean indoor fishing rooms can cost anywhere from 5-10+ dollars an hour. The rooms are fairly dark and usually consist of a pond in the middle of the room. The ponds are not that big maybe 100ft*20ft but they are stocked with fish.

The point of the room is to catch as many fish as possible and your points add up and you can win prizes if you catch large fish.

it is a unique and fun experience. If you’re  ever in South Korea it is definitely worth the money and the experience. 10/10 in fun 🙂