Month: December 2016

Korean Green Tea Chocolate Bar

Today I am eating a Kicker Korean Green Tea Chocolate Bar. This chocolate bar is a wafer type chocolate bar that resembles a kit-kat chunky chocolate bar. The outside is milk chocolate while the inside is a vanilla wafer with green tea icing. Lets see how it is!!

Iwate Kura Extra Stout (Japanese Beer)

Iwate Kura Extra Stout (Japanese Beer)

Iwate Kuro  is a black  extra stout beer. It is made in Iwate which is on an island in Japan. Kuro is the japanese word for black. The beer has a medium body and tastes like roasted grains and coffee. JI-BI-RU mean local beer in japan.

This beer is one of the better beers I have ever tasted in my life. It’s a 10/10 beer. If you a chance to try this beer pick it up because it is awesome!!

Below is my video of the beer….