Month: August 2017

South Korea Changed Me! 대한민국 사랑해요 

My thoughts on my past four years in Korea.


Spicy Hawaiian Huli Huli Sauce

Today I try some spicy Hawaiian sauce


Cinnamon Bun Oreos 시나몬번 오레오

Today I will eat a unique style of Oreos cinnamon flavoured ones!


1000+ YouTube Subscribers?!?!

Thanks for everything over the years! I appreciate all of you and will always remember how you helped me!

Thank you all


Banana Bread Beer 바나나빵맥주

Today I try a British beer that is banana bread flavored (바나나빵맛)


Korean Red Ginseng 홍삼정 (Canadian)

Today I eat Korean red ginseng let’s see how it goes. It’s very nutritious and has lots of health benefits!

안녕 my friends


Canadian Eats American-Korean Ramen (chapagetti)

In Korea I ate this style of ramen and it was delicious now I’ll try the Americanized version of this ramen. Let’s see how it is compared to its Korean counterpart.


Canadian tries Korean Seaweed

Today I try Korean seaweed. Let’s see how it goes my friends.


My Corn (Garden Update)

My corn has grown up and has started to grow cobs. Let’s see how long it is until the can be harvested