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Molson on Canadian CIDER

Well well well the company known for its beer has stepped into the cider market and produced a red canned apple drink. Let’s see how it is and if it’s worth another can.


Woodchuck Hopsation apple cider

hello guys and gals today my video/blog is on woodchucks hopsation hard apple cider. It’s a crisp smooth flavored cider with the taste of hops, apple, and alcohol.


Korean BBQ, Curry, and other foods

My korean food adventures, enjoy the slide show. Thanks for watching ๐Ÿ™‚


Korean Waternelon Soda

This Korean watermelon soda is delicious and smells almost identical to watermelon jolly ranchers. However the taste differs. It’s fairly easy to drink and at a dollar a can is reasonably priced. Hope you enjoy the review and leave a like and comment.


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