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Crush Watermelon Soda 수박소다


Bacchus Korean Energy Drink 박카스

Bacchus is a famous korean energy drink that I have never tried before. It is literally sold every where in korea. So today was the day that I decided to try it. See how it goes 🙂


Cherry Blossom Cola?!?!

Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom now in south korea and what better way to celebrate than a nice refreshing cherry blossom cola! 🙂



Coca Cola Lemon (South Korea)

Well as a Canadian I have had my fair share of sodas in my day including Coca Cola but I have never had Cola Lemon. Today that changed when I went to the store and seen it for the first time in my life. I bought a can right away and had to test it.

The taste is so delicious and the lemon fits well with the coca cola flavour. Below is my reaction to the taste and review. I hope you enjoy and have a great day.


Mind Cooler (Slow Cow)

A mind cooler is a drink that does the exact opposite of energy drinks. This drink is slow cow it has a greenish-blue color. The taste is like a sugarless jello. Here is my review in total.